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Creamy scrambled eggs

August 26, 2006

I think we all have those days when we're home alone, mealtime advances at a rapid pace and we haven't given a thought to what we might eat, there doesn't seem to be much we fancy in the pantry, or we really don't feel like cooking but we're peckish.

I was feeling a bit like that last night. The collection of mixed mushrooms in the refrigerator didn't do it for me, nor did the pasta. I'd made some bread during the afternoon but didn't feel like a sandwich.

I'd made a huge salad the night before and half of that was sitting there still crisp and perky. That was a start. They I spied the nice free range organic eggs I'd picked up from the market early in the week. An omelet? No, I fancied some creamy scrambled aggs. Amazing how much the same ingredients can be turned into two quite different end products.

I arranged some salad on a plate then picked some garlic chives from the garden and dinner was just a couple of minutes away.

Creamy scrambled eggs
Serves 1

2 large eggs, preferably organic
2 tablespoons of cream, light sour cream or milk
1 tablespoon snipped garlic chives
salt and pepper
1 tablespoon butter

Whisks the eggs, cream, chives and seasoning together.

Melt the butter in a small non-stick frypan and when just melted, pour in the eggs. Don't have the heat too high. Let the egg mixture start to set then push it gently round the pan once or twice with a wide-end wooden spatula. Don't overmix it. As soon as all the mixture is set and still glossy, spoon it onto a plate.

You can tart it up with a slice of smoked salmon, a few rocket leaves or a salad or devour it with a couple of slices of hot buttered toast. Just the ticket!

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